Photography by Prince Hussain Aga Khan

Exhibition dates and more information coming soon.

Prince Hussain Aga Khan has created a global platform to raise awareness and inspire and educate audiences to protect the most threatened places and species on our planet.
This collection of his photographs captures the sublime beauty and diversity of life in the oceans. His encounters with multiple underwater species and ecosystems offer a glimpse into a world that is increasingly threatened by the effects of climate change, marine pollution and over-fishing.
Focused on Nature, established by Prince Hussain in 2014, supports and partners with globally renowned organisations to protect marine and terrestrial species and ecosystems.


• Whale and Dolphin Conservation
• Wild Dolphin Project
• Shark Conservation Fund
• Charles Darwin Foundation
• The Manta Trust
• Sea Turtle Conservancy
• Mission Blue

Fragile Beauty, a multimedia installation by Prince Hussain Aga Khan, is currently showing at Terra, The Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City Dubai.


• Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation
• Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
• Wildlife Conservation Society
• Rhino Pride Foundation
• Jocotoco Conservation Foundation
• Rainforest Trust
• Re:Wild

A split-level view of a marine iguana.

The Galápagos, May 2016